Monday, December 6, 2010

The Holiday Food Experiment

I went to the Holiday Food Experiment tonight at the Bell House in Brooklyn. What a great event. My first time at a Food Experiment, but it seems this has been going on for a while. Loads of chefs each doling out wonderful holiday goodies. About half desserts and half savories.

Every last item was amazingly good, but a few standouts for me were the Russian risotto with chicken and pomegranate seeds. Goat meat balls with Aqua Vit mashed potatoes, Pumpkin Whoopee pies, Venison Stew over cornbread, Chopped Liver just the way my grammy used to make it with chopped hard boiled eggs in it, a very spicy chocolate cupcake with hot peppers, and Moroccan meat pies dusted with powdered sugar and spices. Please forgive me if I got any of those specifics wrong and feel free to correct me. I wasn't actually taking notes although I should have been. As it was, I had a hard enough time shooting pictures and stuffing my face simultaneously. Maybe next time, I'll bring along someone specifically to take notes

A seriously fun night for my husband and me.

Thanks to the Food Experimenters and I truly look forward to the next one.

Please enjoy this sampling of pictures from the night.

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