Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Blizzard of Dec. 2010

Here are a few shots from the (first?) blizzard of 2010 in New York.

This was an unusual blizzard for NYC. Of course we don't get that many blizzards to begin with, but when we do, they tend to be wet snow and ice. The type of snow that sticks to tree branches, which can make for some lovely images.

This storm was very powdery snow. So no sticking to trees. Instead we have snow that's acting like sand. It looks sort of like a white dessert out there with windstorms and dunes. So that was the focus of my images.

 I liked this happy sad face combo. They were quite small so someone had to have gone down on their stomach to carve them into the snow. That or it's a naturally occurring phenomenon. I like how the happy face has hair. 

 This image and the following five shots were of a small drift of snow on a particularly windy corner. The formations were amazing. It could have easily been some desert mesa in Arizona or part of the Grand Canyon. I purposely eliminated anything that would give an idea of scale since they look to me like they could be massive vistas shot from an airplane instead of two feet high.

 This shot was taken at a park. Something, perhaps some park benches, were causing these little peaks in the snow, but to me they looked like a mountain range or a moonscape.

This is Pier one as the sun sets.

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