Monday, February 4, 2008


Interior of the Mexican pavilion
Clown fish, or as the kids called it, a "Nemo" fish.
A jelly, my favorite. No bones, brain, or heart. Weirdest animal I know of.
Hidden Mickey on bottom of Manatee tank at The Seas pavilion
The time share where we stayed. Kind of creepy that all the houses look exactly the same.

Sea World

Sea Lion sunning

Heron up close

Sea World

Believe killer whale show.

Penguin in underwater flight.
Baby penguin loosing its fuzz. Or Drag queen penguin wearing a boa.
Heron on the rocks.

Sea World

Surfing on a dolphin in Blue Horizon show.
Blue Horizon grand finale. Dolphins and parrots together.
Pearl diver entertaining a small child
Beware this fish. Those spikes are poisonous
I think this was called a sea dragon. Sort of like a sea horse, but it looks like seaweed.

Animal Kingdom gorillas

More gorilla shots. 

Animal Kingdom

Hippo swimming by.
Ray watching the hippo swim by.
Gorilla just hanging out.

Animal Kingdom

Giant fruit bat
Tiger (obviously)
I don't remember what these were called. I just loved all this huge pointy horns rising up out of the grass.
Warthog. So ugly they're cute.
Can't remember what these are called either, but they're related to the giraffe and they have hind legs that look like a zebra.

Magic Kingdom

Wishes fireworks display over Cinderella castle.

Orlando trip

Glass blower creating a glass Mickey
Metal palm tree in Tomorrowland
Tomorrowland right after sunset
SpectroMagic Parade
Cinderella in the SpectroMagic parade

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Orlando trip

The view from our plane as we took off 

One of a seemingly endless line of little girl princesses wandering around the parks.
Space Mountain in the setting sun
Tourists resting around the Partners statue
Taking pictures of Mickey and Walt.