Friday, April 6, 2007

Brunch on Smith Street

I'm showing my work in a nearby gallery space at the corner of Atlantic and Hoyt in Brooklyn. Came here for brunch after making an appearance.

Self Portrait

Shot in Cold Spring. A store is available for rent if anyone's interested.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Virgins and Santas

They're everywhere! Red Hook, Cobble Hill, and Prospect Heights, respectively.

Red Hook Pier

There's a little park in Red Hook that has this pier in it. Lovely light by the time I arrived. It's so nice to have the magic hour back now that the days are getting longer. That period just before sunset when the shadows are long and the light is warm. In the winter, it's more like the magic 10 seconds. But now it lasts a bit of time and allows for some beautiful light. Can't wait for the Summer when it seems to go on for hours.

His Eye is on the Sparrow

Or something like that. They were both staring at a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Wandering through Red Hook and came upon this scene. I believe this woman was sitting outside a metal-working studio of some kind.

Spring outings

Insanely happy Easter Bunnies at Jacques Torres chocolates in DUMBO. Who's going to tell them that they're on the road to being devoured.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Actually, this snow was a few weeks ago and was hopefully the last snow we got for the year. Since Spring is starting, I figured I should post these now before Winter is just a bad memory. (You can tell how much I love the cold).

These shots were in Coney Island. I had come from my dental hygienist, who's a few stops from Coney Island. After getting my teeth cleaned, I always go for the traditional trip to Coney for junk food. Usually Nathan's hot dogs and Popeye's Chicken. The food was satisfying in a greasy way, and the views were barren and kind of depressing, and not in a greasy way. Still the lack of people left me with some interesting forms and shapes to play with, and I was happy with some of the shots.