Thursday, March 29, 2007

An hour at the zoo

There have been workmen repointing my building for the last 6 months, and sometimes they can get very loud. Earlier this week it sounded like they were dropping SUVs from a helicopter on the roof. Massive pounds and booms. At a certain point, I gave up on trying to get any work accomplished and decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and take a trip to the Prospect Park Zoo. I got there an hour before closing, but still got a few nice shots in. The final goldfish image is actually from the neighboring Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. By the time I got home, the workmen were gone and I could focus once again on work. Freelancing may mean more hours, but I do relish the freedom of being able to take off and go to the zoo when the mood strikes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Disney Exhaustion

So it's 3 AM, and my body and brain are about 90% numb. Probably not the best time to be writing a blog entry, but there you go. I've been up late working on a big Disney project. For those who don't know me, in addition to being a photographer, I'm also a book designer, and one of my biggest clients is Disney, for whom I design souvenir books for the parks. Ironically, the toughest part of this job is that it makes me desperately want to go to Disney World on vacation. I spend hours in front of my computer staring at pictures of rides and resorts. I really need a vacation.

The pictures I'm posting today are from my most recent trip to Disney World. The top image is from Disney-MGM studios. It's the Christmas lights before being turned on. I love the graphic quality. Like pen and ink drawings in mid air. The second shot is a more traditional shot of Cinderella Castle as seen from the end of Main Street. Not the most unsual shot, but I really like the colors.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Let me introduce myself

Hi one and all and welcome to my first photo blog, Ramblin Rosen. I think the best way to start a new photoblog is to post a self portrait. I'm not exactly sure where this blog will lead me. The name is, of course, a play on words. When I write I tend to ramble, and I'm always rambling around the city and the world taking pictures. And then, of course, there's the Ramblin Rose connection. It's a little cheesy perhaps, but it made my folks laugh, and it's easy to remember. I'll try to post a few times a week as I create new images to share. Please feel free to comment, feedback is always welcome.