Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Day at Bartow Pell

I've been doing some projects recently for the Historic House Trust of New York. One of their properties is the Bartow Pell Mansion and I spent last Saturday taking pictures of Dandies in the mansion's beautiful rooms.

These images will appear in the Historic House Trust Journal in June. I'm looking forward to seeing the layouts. There's rumor of a centerfold.

I have to thank my wonderful models, James, Matteo, Barrett, and the Brothers Meuller who all shared their time, talent, and style to help me create these images, and my assistant for the day, Alan Barnett (a terrific photographer in his own right) who was truly invaluable and also captured many behind the scenes shots that I will be showing off soon.

Many of my portraits are shot in small spaces in nightclubs, so having the space and the lovely furnishings of the mansion was very freeing.

Location shooting is such a different experience from studio work or working with a tiny space at a nightclub. Nothing prepares you for shooting under just about any circumstance more than shooting weddings. So it was actually my wedding work that helped the most in arranging my models and lighting.

Check out a few of my favorites below, and of course feel free to visit my at www.stevenrosenphotography.com to see more work.

These are Nate and Kirk, aka the Brothers Meuller. They're fellow RISD Grads (we met at an alumni event), and wondeful arists in their own right. Plus where else can you find such stylish twins.

This is Barrett. I've been taking his portrait at nightlife events for years. One of my favorite models. He's all angles and lines. I saw this staircase while I was scouting locations and I immediately thought of him in this pose. And the finished image is pretty much exactly how I imagined it. 

This photo and the one below are of James. James is the epitome of Dandy aesthetic. He is wearing original Victorian clothing for this shot. I've been taking his portrait for many years and he always knows how to work the camera.

This is Matteo, and architect from Italy who is currently visiting our fair country. The early 20s is his period of choice. I love his huge fur. It always reminds me of Edward Gorey.

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