Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vote for my image and support Marriage Equality

I've recently entered the Top Knots contest, which is a very prestigious contest for wedding photography run by PDN magazine. For the first time this year, PDN is having a people's choice award for the image that gets the most votes from the public.

Top Knots has been going on for 8 years now, and to the best of my knowledge there has never been a same sex couple in any of the winning images. I'd say that 99.9% of images that are submitted are straight couples, so that statistic isn't much of a surprise.

I think it would be amazing if the people's choice award is for an image with a same sex couple.

You can only vote through Tuesday Jan. 11th, so please go to this address right away and place your vote:

Please take a moment to do this and pass it along to anyone else who supports marriage equality. Let's get all viral and spread this to as many people as we can in the short time we have. The current leading image has over 500 votes so there's a lot of ground we need to make up.

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